A. Ferreira's scientific interests

A. Ferreirs's research is carried on the Enzymology group of the Center of Chemistry and Biochemistry at FCUL

Computational Biochemistry is the main scientific interest.

Specifically, A. Ferreira has been involved in the development and analysis of mathematical models of biochemical networks, computational proteomics and software development.

  • Mathematical models of biochemical systems

    As part of the PhD. thesis, A. Ferreira developed a kinetic model of the kinetics of the Maillard Reaction in vivo (the spontaneous modification of proteins by reducing sugars). This work has evolved towards the understanding of methylglyoxal metabolism and protein glycation in yeast and the parasite Leishmania infantum by modeling and computer simulation.

  • Software development

    A. Ferreira is the author of PLAS, a software package for ODE based modeling of biological networks. PLAS is used in universities all over the world, especially in mathematical modeling courses and is included in the book "Computational Analysis of Biochemical Systems", (by E.O.Voit, Cambridge University Press).

    For other software visit the Enzymology's group software page