Fernando Ferreira

Universidade de Lisboa

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Universidade de Lisboa
Departamento de Matemática Room C6.2.8
FCUL - Universidade de Lisboa Office phone: 217500294
Campo Grande, Ed. C6, Piso 2 Internal phone extension: 26208
P-1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal Email: tp.lu.cf@arierrefjf

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Personal information

Welcome to my home page. I am Full Professor of Mathematics at the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and member of the research center CMAFcIO. Click here to get my CV.

Academic interests

Mathematical Logic, specially proof theory and weak systems of analysis, and Philosophy and Foundations of Mathematics. I have also written two papers on the problem of falsity in Parmenides and Plato. For some expository essays in portuguese, click here.

Teaching 2018/2019

I am teaching three bachelor courses this year: First-Order Logic for freshmen in Computer Engineering in the first semester, and Introduction to Set Theory (first semester) and Introduction to Number Theory (second semester), both for the third year of Mathematics.

Mathematical Logic Seminar

This is the 30th year of the Mathematical Logic Seminar (SLM). This year the SLM is organized by Fernando Ferreira.


Recent past:

Computational Approaches to the Foundations of Mathematics of Mathematics, Abril 11-13, 2018, Munich, Germany.

Days in Logic 2018, January 25-27, 2018, Aveiro, Portugal.

Mathematical Logic: Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics, November 5-11, 2017, Oberwolfach, Germany.

Axiomatic Thinking, October 11-14, 2017, Lisbon, Portugal.

Axiomatic Thinking, September 14-15, 2017, Zurich, Switzerland.

Applied Proof Theory and the Computational Content of Mathematics, September 14, 2017, Salzburg, Austria.

Logic Colloquium 2017, August 14-20, Stockholm, Sweden.

XVIII Encontro Brasileiro de Lógica, May 8-12, 2017, Pirenópolis, Goiás, Brazil.

Um longo argumento: a falsidade n'O Sofista de Platão, May 2, 2017, Lisbon, Portugal.


I am member of the editorial board of Review of Symbolic Logic, of Disputatio and member of the scientific committee of Cadernos de Lógica e Computação. I am corresponding member of Academia das Ciências de Lisboa.

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