Running projects

Closed projects

           Cooperation FCT/CNRS
            Time span: 2009

            Funding institutions: FCT/CNRS

           Qualitative theory of differential equations (pocti/mat/32931/1999)
            Time span: 01/09/2000-31/08/2003

            Funding institution: FCT

           Qualitative theory of functional equations and systems of partial differential equations (praxis/pcex/p/mat/36/96)
            Time span: 01/09/1997-31/08/1999

            Funding institution: FCT

    Steering committee


           Mathematical Physics (ptdc/mat/69635/2006)
            Time span: 2007-2010

            Funding institution: FCT

           Analysis and Applications of Partial Differential Equations (poci/mat/55745/2004)
            Time span: 2005-2008

            Funding institution: FCT

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