Bellow, several tutorials in a video for DLPGEN are given. For additional details, please read the program manual.The movies can be accessed directly in this webpage, or you can see them on Youtube. The tutorials are divided into the following topics: i) Introduction and Install; ii) Making Input files for DLPGEN; iii) Using Ionic Liquids data.



This movie gives an overview of DLPGEN capabilities and structure. In addition, a step by step procedure on how to install the program is given.



In this movie, PCF, GEN and Library files for DLPGEN are created for phenol molecule. The program is then used to create input files for simulations with DLPOLY and GROMACS. Starting simulation boxes are also prepared using DLPGEN and PACKMOL.



In this movie, the input files available in this webpage, are used to prepare simulations for ionic liquids solutions.



In this movie, the input files for crystals structures of phenol are build using DLPGEN.


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